How to get to Leiden

Leiden is easily accessible by air, road and train. The city is located in the western part of the Netherlands, between The Hague (residence of the government and the houses of parliament) and Amsterdam (the capital of the country). Trains between The Hague, Leiden and Amsterdam run frequently (4 times per hour or more). From The Hague the ride takes about 12 minutes, from Amsterdam about 35 minutes.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the main international airport in the Netherlands, and a major air hub in Europe. Trains depart from Schiphol to Leiden every 15 minutes and the journey takes about 20 minutes. You may check the train schedule here.

If you plan a single journey from Schiphol (or elsewhere) to Leiden, the best thing to do is to buy a single ticket (“single-use chipcard”) at one of the ticket machines (in front of the stairs leading to the tracks), or at the counter (near Schiphol Plaza). A single standard ticket (2nd class) from Schiphol to Leiden costs € 6.70 (1st class: € 10.70). Credit cards are accepted. Please note that there are no "open" return tickets (day return tickets proposed only concern return on the same day). If you plan to use public transportation (such as buses in Leiden) or intend to travel more in the Netherlands, you may want to acquire an “OV chip card” which can also be purchased at the ticket machines, or at the counter.