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Updated Programme

In this pdf-file, the changes (corrections and cancellations) in the programme since it was printed are marked. It contains the content of the complete programme as included in the programme booklet, with the following mark-ups added:

  • cancelled talks are crossed out (red line);
  • other changes are in comments (with corrections additionally crossed out with a blue line).

This file will be updated at least once a day. Updates will also be announced on twitter (@sleleiden2015)

Plenary speakers

  • Marianne Mithun (University of California at Santa Barbara, presidential address). “Enhancing our Cognitive Leaps”
  • Marian Klamer (Leiden University). “Typology, contact and grammaticalization: Evidence from eastern Indonesia”
  • Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge). “Formal and Functional Explanations: New Perspective on an Old Debate”

Round Table ‘Interaction and Linguistic Structure’ (Abstract):

  • Mira Ariel (Tel Aviv University). “Or: From a Logic-Based to a Usage-Based analysis”
  • Asli Ozyurek (Radboud University Nijmegen and MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen). “Situating language in face-to-face communication: Multimodal language use, typology and insights from the brain”

Discussants: Kasper Boye (University of Copenhagen), Bert Cornillie (University of Leuven) and Petra Hendriks (University of Groningen).

Hands on session on HUGE (Abstract)

Thursday, 3 September 2015, 17:30h-19h
Lipsius Building, Room 226a-b
Organisers: Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Carmen Ebner, Viktorija Kostadinova and Morana Lukaç

Pre-conference mini-workshop

"Debating the uncertain future of linguistics publishing"(Abstract)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015, 16h-19h
Lipsius Building Leiden, Room 227 (
Organiser: Martin Haspelmath


Martin Haspelmath (Language Science Press): "Towards scholar-owned publishing: Publishing as an integral part of research and teaching"

Krzysztof Stroński (Lingua Posnaniensis): "Open-access journals in Poland: The Versita (De Gruyter Open) story"

Ekkehard König (Studies in Language): "The future of linguistics publishing: Revolution or reform?"

Dieter Stein (formerly e-Language): "How (not) to achieve a critical mass and get the S-curve taking off in OA publishing"

Volker Gast (De Gruyter's Trends in Linguistics): "Commercial publishers: Partners or enemies?"

Hubert Cuyckens/Nikolaus Ritt (SLE, Folia Linguistica (Historica)): "The SLE perspective: Folia Linguistica and Folia Linguistica Historica"

George Walkden (e-Language (Journal of) Historical Syntax): "Scholar-led open access without APCs"