Social programme

The social programme will include a reception, a city walk, a conference dinner and several social activities on Saturday afternoon. Please find more information below.

Conference reception
The reception will be held at the Marekerk church. The Marekerk, build in 1649, is an octagonal shaped building. The reception, including drinks and small snacks, will be held on Wednesday 2 September and is included in the registration fee.

City walk
A two-hour city walk will show you the nicest spots of Leiden. You can choose several themes: wall poems, (hidden) courtyards, or Rembrandt. The walk is included in the registration fee and will be held on Thursday afternoon 3 September.

Conference dinner
The conference dinner will be held in one of the other nice churches in Leiden, the Hooglandse kerk. This impressive and light church stands in the center of Leiden. The dinner will be held on Friday 4 September and includes drinks and live music. The dinner fee is € 50,-.

Excursions on Saturday 5 September


  1. Excursion to Delft
  2. Delft is a small city close to Leiden and it is for its wonderful historical center very much worth a visit! We’ll leave Leiden by bus at 2 PM, so right after lunch. One guide will be present in the bus to tell something about the history of Delft. The second guide will wait for us in Delft. We will have about 3 hours for a guided city walk, visiting the Old and the New Church and to have a cup of coffee with some Dutch pastries. These 3 hours also include about half an hour “free time” to walk around by yourself. At 5.30 PM the bus will leave Delft and bring you back to Leiden.

    Price: 40 euro pp.


  3. Boat tour
  4. “Holland at its best” that is what this boat tour through Leiden and surrounding promises. It will show you typical Dutch landscapes and villages, cows, mills, polders and lakes. From the water the country will look surprisingly different! On board coffee and tea is served with pastry. From the lunch venue, a bus will bring you to the harbor where the boat will leave around 3 PM. At 6 PM you will be back in Leiden.

    Price: 35 euro per person


  5. Guided visit to the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden
  6. Instead of going to Delft or going into the Dutch polders, you could consider making a journey around the world by joining this guided tour through the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. This museum is one of the oldest ethnological museums in the world and it holds more than 200,000 objects from all over the world. During this visit you will get a one-hour tour (starting at 3PM) and a drink in the museum café afterwards.


    Price: 20 euro per person